Sheikh Saleh Bin Ahmed Saleh Diyab

Sheikh Abi Ahmad – Saleh Ahmad Saleh Dhiyab obtained a Masters Equivalent from the High Institute of Imams, Taiba University. His PhD Research is titled “the Rules of Medical Mistakes from Sharia and the Law”. He has 19 published articles, and is the author of many books, pamphlets and publications, audio as well as visual media. He is responsible for the establishment of the department of religious awareness and management guidance to the health council of Medina and has also supervised them. He was the nucleus for its establishment as the Director of Public Relations. He is also Director of the Anti-smoking program and the preacher of mosque Sheikh Ali Sadek.



In the name of Allah, Prayer and Peace be upon His Messenger and Messenger’s family, companions and allies.

One of the greatest blessings that God has given us in the Land of the Two Holy Mosques, following the blessing of Islam, is the blessing of safety and security, which comes, in the linguistic sense, against terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, and means.

As a Saudi citizen, I am duly devoted and grateful to God that He has granted us a government led by men He has blessed with sharp vision which is beyond the limits of time and space. The God Almighty has granted it as a proactive backup step to meet this so-called phenomenon of terrorism, in all its forms and at all levels, locally and internationally. This problem did exist for us at one point, but it is what ‘used to be’ – thanks to God Almighty, the first and foremost, due to the faithful and perseverant specialists dealing with this phenomenon in all its segments, as well as raising the level of public awareness among the local citizens and foregone residents, this is no longer a major issue. No doubt that terrorism is a worldwide crime and one of the largest and most serious crimes that causes the violation of purposes, wealth and homelands. It violates all the sanctities and is not in the interest of any nor is it desirable, but for evil deterministic errors. Terrorism is targeting everything, without any care for sanctity, which indicates behaviors, thoughts and doctrines that are confused and sick, sponsored by the enemies of nations in general and the enemy of the respective country in particular. Terrorists take advantage of gullible people and the ignorant in hateful ways, attracting the segments of society which are easily deceived, both at home and abroad, under the banner of their leader, the Satan.

I don’t want to prolong, but I would like to share my opinion on this topic, and to do so, I’ll begin with the lingual aspects first. In simple language, terrorism means ‘against the security and safety’, where safety and security are the foundation and the basis for the development and stability of society and productivity.

In religious terminology, many know and understand it through several definitions, varied by the diversity of their objectives. The whole meaning of terrorism can be concluded as ‘everything that threatens the lives of people, stability of the religious, economic, social and civic life’. It is carried out through individuals or gangs aimed at corruption and the pursuit of personal interests through a variety of intellectual and practical tactics such as banditry, looting and bloodshed, and through the power of violence, weapons and the threats.


Through the previous definition, we find that the modern shape of the terrorism is expressed by religion as ‘confiscation under the name of banditry, corruption, killing oneself, coercion and crime in general’. It is obvious in many verses of the holy Qur’ aan, such as the verse: (The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom. Save those who repent before ye overpower them. For know that Allah is Forgiving, Merciful) Surah Al-Mâ’idah. This verse and other verses written in terms of the punishment of terrorism, shows us that a great punishment is proportion to the greatness of the offense and is a proven rule of God on how to save lives and homelands. The penalties issued wisely ensure the security and safety of the people, especially if the punishment is from same class as the act. There are also many examples from the pattern and sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to deal with diversity of each crime which takes the form of terrorism at this time. The greatest evidence of that is his saying: (if Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad (PBUH) stole, I would cut off her hand”) and saying: (A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim) and saying: (A Muslim is one who does not do any harm to others).

All of these underline the fact and the one theory which says that the earth in general and homelands especially cannot live without peace and security, and nothing spoils it like corruption of all kinds – terrorism and intimidation. In terms of the verse: (And have they not seen that We have made a sanctuary secure, and mankind are snatched away all round about them? Do they then believe in untruths and disbelieve in the favor of Allah?) Surah Ankabout. Marching on these concepts and enlightened with those verses, the great founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Abdul Aziz said and I quote: ‘One of the greatest blessings needed by a country and citizens is security and that required calm and stillness.’  The same approach has been adopted by his sons and grandsons to achieve that end, for God Almighty has created them utilizing all political, cultural, informational and economic means for this purpose. This has been achieved through the signing of pacts and holding conventions and conferences like the establishment of the International Conference on the fight against terrorism in 8/2/2005, which was followed by the Riyadh Declaration and recommendations for the fight against terrorism and should be referenced to its importance.

As well as inking agreements with all countries of the Arab world and other Islamic and Western ones, including; the agreement of the Arab Gulf states to combat terrorism in 2004, and before that underlined strategic security standard to combat extremism accompanied by terrorism for the Gulf Cooperation Council in 2003, the Convention on Extradition exchange between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan (fulfilling implementation of the resolutions of the Security Council according to Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations related to combating terrorism and its financing), as well as closer cooperation with international organizations in order to combat it, especially against those groups, political parties, associations and Titles on the list of global terrorism and the location of the international sanctions in accordance with resolution 1267 in 1991, and Resolution 1373 in 2001. This is confirmed by experiments that no ideological or practical terrorism exists at home, but has arms abroad, and this is what makes terrorism one sect and one goal in diverse ways, and the world must line up to fight it.

Domestic Level

With the blessing of God, the measures, procedures, security precautions, cultural dimensions and greatest of measures at the global level have been taken due to several reasons; the homeland and its citizens, in the eyes of the our rulers, are the most precious things in existence of their faith in God, and their highest goal is to achieve their well-being, stability and development in line with the evolving modern world. Thus several methods and procedures have been developed, including:

  • Support of the development and modernization of all the security agencies concerned with terrorism as well as other linked institutions under one umbrella – the Ministry of the Interior, and above it the Supreme President of the Council of Ministers, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.
  • Modernization and diversification of systems, materials and regulations related to terrorism and combating crimes, corresponding with the time and space diversity and the changing of its means and concepts, goals and objectives.
  • The application of the law firmly and with determination, for all who are proven and convicted in terrorism offenses and tracking them down for the application of judicial and legal provisions on them.
  • Continuous media advertising of internal and external wanted criminals convicted in terrorism acts, and continuing to look for them and encouraging citizens to participate in this duty.
  • Speeding up the process of addressing the negative effects of terrorism on the homeland and its citizens, and compensate the victims in terms of their property and needs, to eliminate any spillover effect which is sought by terrorism.
  • Following-up on modern methods employed by terrorists, such as websites, means of smuggling explosives industry, financial funding to stop the sources of terrorism at home and abroad, etc.
  • Educating all members of the community – men, women and children as well as foreign residents – of the dangers of this scourge, along with the importance of their participation in combating, it for the sake of security in this country under the slogan of ‘every good citizen is a security man’. Thus terrorism will not find fertile ground in this country.
  • Follow-up terrorist ideology and knowledge of the means diverse and developed, and equate control with it, for example: Organizing activity of charities working at home and abroad to monitor their financial resources as well as banks and monetary institutions, financial contributions and the introduction of laws and regulations to suspend terrorist goals.
  • The participation of the free world and communications with all nationalities and religions in all countries of the world to determine the identity and sources of this terrorism; and identify the persons involved to know their plans; and hold conferences to unite, such as the invitation of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in his conferences for interfaith dialogue.
  • To support and strengthen the role of scholars and preachers trustworthy in all categories, and support all means of education and enlightenment to achieve the greatest aspects of elicitation and clarify the facts and simplify the concept of the general public, consistent with the applicable legal provisions and instructions of the Prophet. Including the statement of the senior scholars issued in 1999 against the terrorism denying all activities related to it. As well as their contribution in educating society, intellectually and security nodal through forums, seminars and issuing fatwas, literature, and the participation of all media to carry out this duty.

All these activities can be included in the establishment first ever Commission at the global level, bearing the name ‘De-radicalization Commission’, aimed at confronting thought by thought, pen stylus, and detect all suspicious straying teams and groups, as well as the establishment of concerned public administration units (intellectual-security). It should aim to address and combat all intellectual distractions, which lead its owner towards extremism and criminality before any flagrante offense.  In addition to the introduction of the program, which also will be the first of its kind, another should work simultaneously with the name of ‘Aftercare Program’, taking care of those who were released by royal pardon, or at the end of their sentence, by providing all the needs of human services, social, health, economic and restore their confidence in his society, government and his country.

A lot of media activity takes a variety of forms. The diversity of media and social activity through public and private forums and seminars civil and governmental, and means of exchanging advises and consultation, etc, inevitably lead necessarily to multiple successes. They lead, hopefully, to distant hopes of the most important aspect of the elimination of corruption and terrorism in all its means and goals across time and space diversity and humanity.

Types of Terrorism

The terrorism images and names are many. It has contributed to the presence of the difference between intellectuals and professionals at the global level to define terrorism and agree on a common definition for it. It differs from place to place and from time to time, and shows its impact differently according to the local norms, including:

  1. Bombing, destruction and tampering of public and private establishment.
  2. Endangering the lives of innocent people on risk.
  3.  Abuse or incitement to any form or any means.
  4. Assault and incitement also predecessor to the national scholar who are trustworthy parts of governors.
  5. The attack on who enjoy government protection, such as ambassadors, presidents, and staff, as well as official missions and state guests. This is one of the greatest forms of terrorism and major sins.
  6. Funding to assist and support all forms of terrorism and terrorists, whether it is financial or moral support, sympathetic or covering them or scroll to their ideas and beliefs, whether in good intention or otherwise. All of that and the other is from terrorism and participation in it.

Finally, the security men in general and employees of the Interior Ministry in special, led HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, may God protect him and his brothers and aides in this ministry playing major role in the fight against this Great crime (terrorism), and to clarify the harms to the individual and society and the nation and the world defining the best ways get rid of it and reduce the harms caused by it.

One of the greatest indication of the success of their goals and planning is enjoying of security and safety, while the terrorism storm broke out in many countries of the world, which suffered the greatest and most powerful countries economically and politically … achieving the saying in the verses: (And that if they had gone straight on the right mode (of life), indeed We would have made them to drink copious water) Surat Al Mulk

The Experience Of The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia In The Rehabilitation Of Those Convicted Of Terrorism

It will be Injustice if we say that Saudi Arabia has the lead in one experience such as its experiment in the fight against terrorism, but it have pioneered in many fields and areas, and their experiences stemming from the concept of the Qur’aan and Pattern of Prophet and guidance of its predecessor, let it taking lead in many of the areas and experiences. Its experience in the fight against terrorism and rehabilitation of the involved men, women and children is varies the diversity of spectrum in the cultures and arts and society, diversity of the human as it and receive millions of visitors, tourists and pilgrims from the entire Islamic world and the West. It needs several methods and experiences vary from one region to another, from one tribe or class to another, commensurate with the diversity and differences to achieve one goal: is (the safety of the homeland, the citizen, and the foreigner visitor and resident, and the protection of destiny).

To achieve this several ways have been taken as reported in the previous section, and some of them are:

  1. Differentiate between the person who commits the offense and convicted and suspicious.
  2. Go down to the level of understanding the deceived minds.
  3. Psychosocial rehabilitation and reassurance which considered one of the greatest motivations exploited by terrorists, before the exercise of any cultural processors.
  4. To know the motives of terrorism in the involvement and address it with wisdom and good advice and discussion quiet and bright show evidence and arguments and evidence irrefutable and convincing, the fact that a large part of terrorism is the intellectual and cultural.
  5. Show aspects tolerance and honor, pardon and forgiveness.
  6. Address the causes of their involvement and their involvement in terrorism by providing means of decent living that were not available even from their parents.
  7. Establishment of centers and sophisticated of the Ministry of the Interior, which hosts a lot of scientists and intellectuals to Babysitting repentant terrorism forms and dialoguing to strengthen their faith and strengthen their self-confidence.
  8. Voluntary and permanent communication with them and with scholars and intellectuals of the country in all they undergone thoughts or suspicions
  9. Give them all the advantages of a good citizen without distinction between them and one of the citizens, such as land grants and loans and take advantage of all government services and property Awardees.
  10. Absolute pardon for both volunteers and those who gave themselves up before was arrest, and were involved in some of terrorism.
  11. Showing the negative effects located on the homeland and the citizen affecting religion and the world together because of the commission of such acts of terrorism.
  12. Intensify awareness programs to citizens and foreigner residents of the dangers of terrorism.

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