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Dr Manzar Abbas Zaidi

Manzar holds a PH.D from the University of St Andrew’s, UK, on the Transmigration of Radical tendencies from the rural to the urban mainstream, with context to the Taliban in Pakistan. Currently  a  Counter  Terrorism  Project  advisor  to  the  British  High Commission  in  Pakistan,  Manzar  has  till  recently  worked  as  the Director Counter Terrorism  at the National Counter Terrorism Authority of  Pakistan.  He  is    a  Senior  Superintendent  of  Police,  with  extensive experience in Counter  Terrorism  in Pakistan  for  more than  fifteen  years in the capacity of working in  Special Branch  and as security provider to the  President  and  Prime  Minister  of  Pakistan,  augmented  by  academic knowledge  in  the  form  of  having  completed  his  doctoral  thesis  about Terrorism in Pakistan at the University of St. Andrews, UK.

Manzar  has  an  LLM  (Masters  of  Law)  degree  in  Human  Rights  and Public International Law, and an LLB (Bachelors of Law), both from the University  of  London.  His Ph.D Doctoral thesis from University of St Andrew’s is on the Transmigration of Radical tendencies from the rural to the urban mainstream, with context to the Taliban in Pakistan. He  has  been  a  Lecturer  of  Policing  and  Criminal  investigation  of Terrorism at the University of Central Lancashire, UK.

 He has  extensive international  experience  in  the  operation  of  international  law, especially in context  to  Balkans where  he  worked  with the United Nations, and  has been  embedded  with  research  institutions  and  international  NGOs, primarily in the capacity of a senior research analyst  and project manager for many years.

Manzar  has  been  researching  the  emergence  of  Extremism  in  Pakistan, and has  written extensively on the subject  internationally.  His  expertise in research  is  Islamist  discourse  and  the  global  Jihadist  communication strategy  and  scenarios  of  Jihadist  insurgency  in  Pakistan.  He has authored  three  books  on  the  phenomenon  of  Insecurity  in  Pakistan, besides having published in several international Journals about regional security, Talibanisation  and politics  in  Pakistan.    He has regular columns with  two  of  Pakistan’s s leading English Dailies,  The Dawn  and Express Tribune  (a  subsidiary  of  International  Herald  tribune).

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